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About Us


Welcome to the official web presentation of the travel agency " VIP Tours" .

Travel agency "VIP Tours" has since its establishment, the fulfillment of our clients hired management with 10 years of experience in tourism.
In his previous work, in addition to other activities, we specialize in group tourist travel all around our country and in Europe, for which we are known beyond the borders of our country. A large number of trusted partners across Europe provide us and our passengers safety and quality of their trips.
We also have a large number of professionally trained, qualified and experienced tourist guides .

The agency is a member of YUTA (The National Association of Travel Agencies of Serbia) and is in possession the license of the Ministry of Tourism, No: OTP 20/2013 of 07/03/2013.

Since its establishment owns its own fleet, high up of tourist class with all licenses for domestic and international transport and qualified drivers for tourist tours, which we do transport for own needs and the needs of others in the country and abroad.
In our portfolio we have the complete liberalization and the summer holidays, winter holidays, trips, trade, labor, sports games, college sport games, school and student excursions, shopping tours...
In our work we have created a good business relationships with a large number of colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, trade unions and business enterprises throughout Serbia.
Professional, technical competence, and the kindness of the staff of our agency can be seen in Belgrade, Nis and Krusevac, where we have offices.

Choose quality tourism service, choose pleasant mood, choose safe and comfortable journey, and we will justify your trust.

Do not hesistate to contact us, and we will with pleasure provide our full service.

VIP Tours team.